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Vivian Dsena: “I become more patient and compassionate during Ramadan”

The holy month of Ramadan is ongoing, and actor Vivian Dsena, who makes sure to observe all the fasts, says that this is his favourite time of the year. He adds that this month is full of spirituality, self introspection and family bonding for him.

What significance does Ramadan hold for you?I have embraced Islam in Ramadan; this fact itself makes Ramdan very special to my heart. Ramdan has become my favourite time of the year.

Do you observe fasting during Ramadan? If yes, do you fast for the entire month or on specific days?This year marks my 6th Ramadan and by God’s grace, I have been fasting every year.

Fasting the entire month of Ramdan is mandatory for us as it’s one of the main 5 pillars of Islam, so I do observe the 30 days, of course unless there is an excuse that permits me to break the fast. This can be an illness that requires me to take medications, or the fact that I am travelling. But also, in these cases, we must make up for the days that we did not fast later.

Do you have any special Ramadan tradition or ritual that you follow during this month?I try to make sure that I get to spend Ramdan with my family in Bahrain, if I am not working. Also, I love praying in the mosques there during Ramdan. it’s a whole different vibe and feeling.

The main purpose of fasting during Ramadan is purifying your soul, heart and strengthening the bond between you and your God.

How do you manage fasting with work commitments?I can’t deny I was very worried in the beginning, especially since water and coffee are necessities for me. Even my family and friends keep wondering how I am managing to stay without water or caffeine for 13 or 14 hours. But God has been kind so far and my fasting journey has been decently smooth. Now, I don’t feel thirsty or in need of coffee if I am fasting at all.

What are your favourite foods to enjoy during Ramadan?I love all kinds of food, especially home cooked food and sweets. Thank god I am blessed with a family and a wife who makes a food festival every day of Ramadan! So I get to taste and experience many different dishes! But if I have to choose one, it would be the Basbousa and Kunafa ( an Egyptian/Arabic sweet dish made especially In Ramadan).

Do you start and break your fast with the family?Of course, we all gather and break our fast together. It’s one of my favourite rituals during Ramadan and I make sure I do it regularly, unless I am not available due to work or travel commitments.

Vivian Dsena

What changes do you see in yourself during this holy month?The main purpose of fasting during Ramadan is purifying your soul, heart and strengthening the bond between you and your God. So it does reflect a lot on my personality as I become more patient and more compassionate.

Also, would you like to bring any change in your life and lifestyle post Ramadan?The changes that occur to you during the month of Ramadan are not supposed to end there. In fact, you should continue to practice all the good deeds and habits that you did during the month of Ramadan, for the rest of the year as well.


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