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TV celebrities share their plans for 2023

From family reunions to travel, here’s how these television celebrities are ringing in the New Year!

Navin PrabhakarI am shooting on 31st December at Konkan and then will go to Goa with my friends. On the day of the New Year, we will visit the Goa temple and take blessings and will go back to Mumbai. My New Year resolution is to wake up early in the morning at 5 am and do yoga and go to the gym every day. I want to keep myself focused on maintaining my fitness. I also want to focus more on acting, I am coming up with a show named 2 hours of non-stop laughter with Navin Prabhakar, it’s a theatrical show. The way people have loved me in the last 17-18 years the coming year too, it’s going to be fun. Disciplining myself in fitness and acting and staying focused is going to be my New Year’s resolution.

Aly Goni2022 was good to me and I am sure 2023 will also be good to me. I didn’t take up Tv shows in 2022 I am working on something so when the right time comes I will talk about it in 2023. I intend to do a good OTT project I would be in Jammu on New Year with my family. There is no substitute for celebration without family. Life is all about loving your family. I also read covid news we should follow all precautions needed, we must value life, and we must count our blessings. Life is here and now. Everyone should work hard and live life one day at a time. You should know what makes you happy and peaceful. You should always follow your heart.

Adaa KhanNew year’s mostly I’m thinking of being with friends and family. I will be here only because I just came back. I had gone to Muscat, and Kashmir so now because of the covid scare I am just thinking of just avoiding it. I have never made any resolutions. All the resolutions that we make get broken. So probably I just feel that let things happen on their own. it gets Jinx and it never happens. So I am super superstitious about it. I just believe in going with the flow and staying in the moment, living in the moment.

Karan Singh ChhabraI will probably have a house party with my friends. On the 1st day of the year, I always visit the Gurudwara Sahib in Andheri west and eat langar and pray for the year to be a good one. I have been traveling for shoots and shows in the last 5 months so traveling is not on my mind, currently. I would be celebrating in Mumbai with close friends and we will go out on a drive to the sea-link later in the night. My colleagues and friends from the industry are traveling. As far as my New Year resolutions go, to wake up on time in the morning is my first one. Every year, I promise this to myself and end up breaking this resolution within a few days. But this time I will send a “good morning” message to all my friends early morning.

Anantica SahirThis year we are going to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We always try and travel during this time of the year and we are doing just that. So it will be a middle-eastern new year this time. I am going with my husband Ssudeep Sahir and my son Arwaann. I also have two of my closest friends living in Dubai so I am really looking forward to seeing them too. I have many resolutions. But two most important things that pop up on my mind are to be less anxious and be more calm and the second one is to start some form of exercise regime. Although I am pretty certain my resolution won’t last more than a week as usual.

Mitaali Nag

Mitaali NagAs I have a 5-year-old son, now all vacation plans depend upon his school holidays. I love to celebrate the new year with my family. Till we had Rudransh, we used to spend Christmas and New Year in Koh Samui, Thailand with family and close friends. Then covid hit and travel took a break. This year things are normal, but we can’t travel abroad as Rudransh has to resume school from the 2nd of January. So, we would celebrate the New Year in India. We are certainly celebrating the new year out of Mumbai as travel has become normal with no restrictions. As I mentioned earlier, I like celebrating New years with my family. I am looking forward to doing the same this year too. My New Year’s resolution is to start my day at 5 am in the morning. I want my body to get used to the circadian rhythm. It will help me stay fit, and give me extra time to use productively, on myself or my work.

I will try to love myself more as I feel if we love ourselves then only we can love others.

Akash Sharma

Akash SharmaI am going to Spain for the New Year celebration and will celebrate the year with my friends. Usually, every day is normal for me but New Year is like a festival so I will make it like a festival and wish for the coming year to work hard and progress further.

Ekta SharmaI have not planned anything yet, on New Year, I’m mostly at home or going to a house party. I’m in Mumbai only with my daughter and mother. People make a lot of resolutions but I will try to stick to my one resolution to start yoga and meditation again. I will try to love myself more as I feel if we love ourselves then only we can love others.

Siddharth BodkeMy New Year celebration plan is to go to Shirdi with my parents on 1st January. This year, I am going to celebrate 31st December, New Year’s eve with my family. I am visiting my parents in Nashik. My New Year’s resolution is that whatever I haven’t finished this year, I will try to finish it in 2023. I also want to get better fitness-wise. I have a wish list of which Drishyam was a part of and I am planning to complete my new wish list next year.

Ranndeep R RaiThere are no plans as such. I might go to Jhansi and bring on New Year’s eve with my family and friends. If I am in Mumbai, I plan to go to Siddhivinayak, Mahalaxmi temple to seek blessings and also to the Gurudwara. I think my New Year’s resolution would be to be happy and do good work which keeps my fans and family happy. I want to do good work in 2023. The things that I couldn’t achieve in 2022, I plan to achieve in 2023.

Nikhil NandaMy New Year celebrations are going to be in Goa. Health and happiness is always what we intend to bring every year. New year resolutions don’t change. It is always focused on health and happiness which is also this year.

I am usually a part of plans made by my friends and family members. I am not the person who makes party plans in advance. But I do want to do it once…

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Simaran KaurI am going to celebrate this new year with my family. We are going out of Mumbai to a beautiful resort for a few days. We are going to spend some quality family time together. My new year resolution is to have a healthier 2023. I want to learn yoga and I am going to do regular meditation in the new year. Yes, I believe a new year can give a fresh start to your life.I believe that every new thing brings new opportunity, new energy and good luck. You never know what gifts the new year is going to bring into your life. A new year definitely can be a new beginning. I think it is nice that people spend a lot of time and energy planning a special time with their friends and family around Christmas and new year. I think that it is the vibe of the season to party, enjoy and relax with our loved ones and it is really a time to cherish. I am usually a part of plans made by my friends and family members. I am not the person who makes party plans in advance. But I do want to do it once, I will choose the location, food menu and party theme. I guess I will definitely do it this year.

Charrul MalikI am not going anywhere this year as the covid situation is alarming. So I am not traveling, I’m going to be in Mumbai bringing in the New Year with my family. Every year at 12 o’clock I make sure that I am home by midnight. I do a small puja by lighting a diya in the temple. Thanking god for this life and bringing in this new year, it’s a ritual I follow every year.

Subuhii Joshii

Subuhii JoshiiI am also a DJ so I am going to be in Indore playing for New Year’s eve. I usually don’t like being alone for New Year I like to be with my friends and family but this year I won’t be able to due to my work. This year my New Year resolution is to do the best work of my career and I am going to work very hard to achieve what I want. Be the best version of myself and work the maximum this year.

Rajniesh Duggal

Rajniesh DuggalI am traveling with my family in the North visiting religious places before the year ends. I am going to ring on New Year’s eve in my hometown with my whole family. It’s going to be a simple family get-together. I am looking forward to to my web series to release which I have worked so hard on. My goals for 2023 are focussing on my art, and working on good projects. I am not someone who needs a New Year’s resolution to get something done in life though will be focussing on health and happiness and professional contentment.

Payal PanchalMy new year would be a party with my family members in Indore. I do have a plan to go out with my friends to a temple which is just out of the city. My New Year’s resolution would be to try something that scares you or that you always assumed you’d be bad at. Don’t limit yourself to what you think you can do, but instead open yourself up to new experiences once a month that might surprise you. Professionally as a Youtuber, I am looking forward to making new content, exploring new ideas, and creating new opportunities for me.

Aniruddh DaveThis year I am going to be in Goa with my family. We are going to ring in the New Year in Goa. My New Year resolution is going to be focussing more on my craft and work harder to achieve my goals.

Rajit DevThe best thing I could ask for. I’ll be shooting on the 31st of December. I will be in Ooty for work. But yeah hopefully will celebrate at midnight. It’s definitely my assistant who’s gonna be with me and maybe the crew from the shoot. Have faith in yourself. There will be one day that will change everything. It’s always been my motto, I’ll keep trying till I do not reach my goals.

Nishant MalkaniI have no plans as such but I may visit my friend’s place on New Year’s eve. I am going to be ringing in it with my friends and will be with my family the next day. I am looking forward to a few projects and I hope to get a good response. In 2023 I wish to grow personally and professionally.

Sneha JainThis year I am not traveling anywhere like I do every year with my friends. This year I am hosting a New Year party at my house. I am going to spend my first day of the year with my family and friends who have always been on my side. My resolution is to give back to our society, teach kids and educate them. At least, I can educate one girl or send her to school. And also do something for street dogs.

Sakshi DwivediI may be traveling to Goa or Dubai for New Year. I am a person who plans things randomly so I am not sure. I want to start this New year with my family but unfortunately, this year I won’t as I am working in Mumbai, so I going to be with my friends. My New Year resolution would be to make myself a better person emotionally, mentally, and physically and work on my craft. And focus on my career and a couple of parameters I lack and also be more disciplined and organized.

Pranitaa PanditI am in Goa and Shiny Doshi is also coming to Goa. It’s been a long time since I have spent quality time with my friends. So I am going to bring in the New Year with my friends and family in Goa. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because I have broken so many resolutions that I don’t keep any resolutions for years now.

Sudhanshu PandeyMy New Year plans are very simple. I am not going anywhere to celebrate. I am staying home and maybe a couple of friends are coming to my house on New Year’s eve. Otherwise, just two friends and family with my wife and kids. I don’t have a resolution for the New Year’s because I don’t have any such vices that I need to overcome or I need to give up on some habit or I need to do something extra that I’m not doing. I take every day as a new day. And every day for me is the beginning of the rest of my life. So that’s how I look at it. And I put in all the hard work and all my efforts every day. So there is no such resolution. But I’d like to keep working harder.


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