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Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar’s latest movie to hit theatres is ‘OMG 2’, written and directed by Amit Rai. The film is a sequel to the 2012 release ‘OMG – Oh My God!’

The protagonist in ‘OMG 2’ is Kanti Sharan Mudgal played by Pankaj Tripathi who runs a small shop near a temple. The man is a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. He is a family person and has a wife and two school going children. Mudgal’s ordinary life takes a 360 degree turn when his son Vivek played by Aarush Varma is expelled from his school when the school’s management obtains a viral video of Vivek indulging in onanism in the school’s campus.

The Mudgal family undergoes ridicule and hate from people following the mass circulation of Vivek’s video. Kanti Sharan Mudgal decides to leave for a different city with his family to save all of them from any further embarrassment.

During this time, unable to cope with the merciless insult from the society, Vivek tries to commit suicide first by drinking poison and then by standing before a moving train. On both occasions he gets saved by Akshay Kumar who plays Lord Shiva’s dooth (messenger) who comes down from the skies to earth in response to Kanti Sharan Mudgal’s prayers to God to save his son and keep him safe, away from any misfortune in the future.

Vivek and all his family members are devastated and feel a deep sense of shame due to Vivek’s act that’s largely considered inappropriate and unpardonable in the Indian society.As the head of the Mudgal family and being Vivek’s father Kanti Sharan Mudgal finds himself in a helpless condition, desperate to bail himself and his family out of the miserable situation they are in.

Lord Shiva’s messenger instils much needed courage and hope in Mudgal, who then decides to move the court to help his son regain his lost dignity. He files a case against Vivek’s school and few others including himself seeking an apology from all the respondents in the case with an individual compensation of a few rupees from each of them, which he would later give as an offering to Lord Shiva. Mudgal also pleads with the court to direct the school to reinstate Vivek into his school.With indirect clues received by Lord Shiva’s messenger who keeps crossing Mudgal’s path till the very end, the hapless father fights relentlessly in court first to get the case filed and then win it dramatically opposite lawyer Kamini Maheshwari played by Yami Gautam.

Maheshwari along with being the daughter-in-law of the head of Vivek’s school is an experienced streetwise lawyer who gives a tough fight to Mudgal who is an advocate of his son, he however ultimately wins the highly publicised case after many twists and turns.

‘OMG 2’ is a sincere movie that deals with human sexuality and the challenges faced by the Indian teenagers due to the absence of sex education in schools. Vivek’s story emphasises on the urgent need to include sex education as a subject in the syllabus at Indian schools.

The film highlights how due to lack of guidance regarding knowledge of human sexuality most of the Indian youth are forced to rely upon misleading information available on the internet or depend upon misguided advice given by their peers to understand all aspects of human sexual behaviour.

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Speaking about sex and any related matter is considered as a taboo in the Indian society and is also viewed with contempt and disgust if at all any person decides to go against this norm. The film attempts to break through the barriers set in the minds of people about being vocal regarding matters concerning sex.

The music of ‘OMG 2’ blends well into the film. Especially the song, “Har Har Mahadev” sends viewers into a trance. It is captivating and high-octane on the big screen both in terms of music and dance.Speaking about the performances of the film’s cast, Pankaj Tripathi essays the role of a troubled father effortlessly. Aarush Varma plays the vulnerable teenager convincingly. Akshay Kumar is brilliant as the dooth. Yami Gautam does justice to her character of a shrewd lawyer. Other supporting cast members do a fine job in their respective roles.

Akshay Kumar certainly stands out in the film though his screen time is less compared to the other main characters in the film. His hippie inspired clothes, dreadlocks and matching accessories make him look extremely fascinating. Kumar maintains a mystical demeanour throughout the movie.

The climax showing him and Tripathi in a swanky sports car zooming towards the court amid the hullabaloo makes Kumar look like a modern-day messenger of God complete with his fashionable sunglasses and bohemian apparel.

All in all ‘OMG 2’ is a noteworthy attempt that will surely have the Indian society thinking about its shortcomings when it comes to the burning topic of sex education and its necessary but pending inclusion in the education system of India. recommends ‘OMG 2’ due to the vital social message it conveys along with being a complete entertainer in an unorthodox way with a strong flavour of comedy and the right mix of drama.

BizAsia Rating: 4/5


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