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Salman Khan’s name removed from petition for CBI probe into death of Anuj Thapan

The Bombay High Court has removed Salman Khan’s name from a petition calling for a CBI investigation into the alleged custodial death of Anuj Thapan. The court stated there were no allegations against Khan and redirected focus to the primary issue – Thapan’s death.

The case originated on 14th April when two shooters fired outside Salman Khan’s residence, leading to their arrest. Anuj Thapan was subsequently arrested in Punjab on 26th April, accused of supplying weapons to the shooters. His death in custody on 1st May has since ignited controversy, with Thapan’s mother alleging police brutality.

The court’s decision emphasises the need to focus on investigating Thapan’s death and the circumstances surrounding it, rather than involving individuals with no direct allegations against them.


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