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Birthday Love: Madhuri Dixit Nene – the queen of dance & expressions

When she smiles she lights up the room and when she dances, she makes the stage come alive. Her passion for acting and dancing has made many her fans. Although the audience loves to see her smile when it comes to portraying other emotions, this lady has proved time and time again what a brilliant actress she is. The actress we are talking about is the legendary Madhuri Dixit Nene. The 15th May marks the birthday of the extremely talented Madhuri Dixit Nene.

On this occasion will look at five songs that show Dixit Nene is the queen of dance and expressions.

‘Maar Daala’ from ‘Devdas’ (2002)

Dixit Nene played the role of the good-hearted Chandramukhi. By profession she was a courtesan but if one was to look closer, they’d see that she was a woman who only wanted love and respect. When she spoke there was a pureness in her words and in her songs her truth. In this song she is seen waiting for Devdas, (Shahrukh Khan) the one she worships from afar but can never become his. When he appears it’s as though she comes alive and her every feeling, be it pain or her devotion all is revealed within the song. There is a part of the song where Chandramukhi talks about how she hid her sadness and faced every difficult time she had with a smile. Dixit Nene was praised for the way she performed on this song. Her expressions showed the pain that her character had faced at some point in her life.

‘Ja Sajna Tujhko Bhula Diya’ from ‘Raja’ (1995)

A heartbroken Madhu (Dixit Nene) tries to move on with her life and attends a party with her family. There she sees Raja (Sanjay Kapoor) who broke her heart and becomes enraged unable to control her emotions. Although Raja (Kapoor) tries to explain that he isn’t to blame Madhu won’t listen because of the pain she is going through.

One is unable to control their emotions when they see Dixit Nene pouring her heart out onscreen. Madhu’s anger, her frustration, her sadness at being betrayed by the one she loves is portrayed so well by Dixit Nene. One minute her eyes show a fire and then the next it’s like an ocean of tears. Nobody could perform like this only Dixit Nene could.

‘Sanson Ki Mala Pe’ from ‘Koyla’ (1997)

An unforgettable song that is perfect in every single way. Dixit Nene plays the role of Gauri an innocent village belle whose life was one of fun and mischief. She spent most of her days with her friends playing pranks on the villagers. Who would have thought that the girl who had once lived a happy and colourful life would become a victim of the evil Raja Saab (Amrish Puri) and be tricked into marrying him.

In this song she has to attend a special ritual with Raja Saab (Puri) in which the priest talks about the bond between a husband and wife. When the priest tells her to vision the picture of her husband she doesn’t see him but of the one she was told she would be marrying. She begins to dance telling the people there what she has had to face on the path of love. Her dance expresses what she is going through, her predicament and of her helplessness. Dixit Nene danced beautifully using classical steps, it was one song of hers that her fans will forever regard as one of the best.

‘Jaane Woh Kaisa Chor Tha’ from ‘Yaraana’ (1995)

When one watches this song, they are simply unable to take their eyes off Dixit Nene such is her power in this song. From the minute she appears onscreen the audience is captivated by her expressions. At times she looks as though she wants to pour her heart out and cry and then the next there is a rage within her eyes that could burn anyone that gets too close. Kavita Krishnamurthy sung for Dixit Nene. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Krishnamurthy was the correct choice for this song as her vocals expressed the pain that Dixit Nene’s character was feeling really well. In one portion of the song there is an instrumental piece where Dixit Nene can be seen doing many complex steps. Visually there is darkness all around and only Dixit Nene can be seen performing. Every step she did was full of perfection and tremendous energy. It would be hard to imagine any other actress performing like this ever.

‘Tabaah Ho Gaaye’ from ‘Kalank’ (2019)

Sung in the voice of Shreya Ghoshal, this emotional number can make tears flow from even the most stone hearted of people. Dixit Nene played the role of Bahaar Begum a woman who had loved with all her heart but still she couldn’t be with the one she wanted. She was also a mother but even this role she could not fulfil and when she tried to it was already too late. Through this song she expresses how she remained faithful and after being separated from the one she loved she was broken.

This song is said to be one of the last songs choreographed by the late Saroj Khan. Dixit Nene and Khan had worked together in many hit films, creating lots of memorable songs together. Again Khan managed to make something beautiful with Dixit Nene, though the choreography may seem quite simple but the last few minutes will have the audience mesmerised. The way Dixit Nene dances in the kathak style and effortlessly does the chakkars is pure magic.

The team at wishes Madhuri Dixit Nene a very happy birthday!

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