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The Roshan family is gleaming!

Happy times have arrived again for the Roshans. A few days ago, Hrithik Roshanrevealed to the world that his father, actor-filmmaker Rakesh Roshan was ailing from throat cancer and would have to undergo a surgery as part of the treatment. After a successful surgery, both Hrithik, as well as his uncle Rajesh, assured fans that the filmmaker was stable. And now he has been discharged from the hospital. Rakesh was sent back home today and an elated Hrithik shared the news. He tweeted a picture of the family walking out of the hospital with much brightness on their faces. They even posed for the camera and we can see how Rakesh is doing fine. 

In the pictures, we can see Hrithik alongside daddy Rakesh. Pinkie Roshan and cousin Eshaan Roshan are also a part of the gang.

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