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Salman Khan’s paycheck gets Bigg-er

One cannot help but wonder why the channel Colors would want to drag on this season of Bigg Boss when most viewers agree it is one of, if not the worst, seasons of Bigg Boss since its inception.

Bigg Boss producers are willing to pay host Salman Khan any price to keep him on board. A reliable source reveals Salman is being paid an extra Rs 2 crores for each extra day. When assessed against the three-week extension, the surplus amount being paid to Salman is a staggering fortune.

“Salman made it very clear that he didn’t want to extend his stint on Bigg Boss due to his other film commitments. However, they lured him to stay on with added zeroes on his paycheck.”

The source reveals that Salman is given a pay boost every year. “Each year, he initially refuses to return to Bigg Boss but he’s lured back with an enhanced remuneration. He gets paid more than what all the other anchors in regional languages put together get.”

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