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Sridevi's death anniversary will be marked with a special puja.

On February 24, the country woke up to the shocking news of Sridevi’s sudden death. The acclaimed actress, who was in Dubai attending a family wedding, died due to accidental drowning and the news spread a sheet of gloom across the world. Right from Bollywood to politicians and world filmmakers reached out to Boney Kapoor and his family to share their condolences as they worked through the shocking demise. A year later, we’re still coming to terms with the loss. As we inch closer towards the death anniversary, we hear that late Sridevi’s husband Boney and his daughters – Jahnvi and Khushi Kapoor – will be headed to Chennai to participate in a special puja organised at the actress’s Chennai residence.

A DNA report reveals that as per the Hindu calendar, the first death anniversary falls on February 14. To mark the day, the Kapoor family will be flying down south and observe the actress’s first death anniversary. The report reveals that Sridevi’s Chennai residence, which is located beside former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Dr M Karunanidhi’s residence, will not only host Boney and his daughters Janhvi and Khushi, other Kapoor family members like Anil Kapoor’s wife, Sunita, is also expected to participate in the puja.

Although it has been a year since Sridevi passed away, the Kapoors are yet to come to terms with the loss. On several occasions, Jahnvi has admitted that she still is in the shock of her mother’s death. “I think, I was still in that state of shock, to be very honest. I think I am still in shock. None of it has been processed. Like, I have no memory of three or four months,” she said on Famously Filmfare recently.

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